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The Benefits of Using our Solar Products

  • checked-icon Increased savings with solar energy
  • checked-icon Low Maintenance
  • checked-icon Less Wear and Tear
  • checked-icon Long-Lasting

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Most trusted Solar Company in Kerala

Solglow Power Solutions is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of solar panels and solar products in Kerala with ISO 9001-2015 certification. With over a decade of experience in manufacturing and installing various solar products, We have made a name in the market as the most trusted solar company in Kerala. We also are one of the top solar products dealers in Kerala, providing a range of services from manufacturing to installation to maintenance. Overall strengthening our brand among our customers. We started our operations in 2011, and our mission is to be the benchmark in the solar industry by providing high-quality products and services and to reduce the carbon footprint.

With over 10 years of experience in solar products, which made us into one of the best solar product companies in Kerala, we provide all solar-related services all across the major cities in Kerala ranging from Kochi, Thrissur, Trivandrum, and so on. Being one of the top solar panel and product installation companies our services are not just limited to installation but also branches out to maintenance.


The Services That We Offer

We provide a vast array of services for our solar product ranges starting from the on-site surveys, demos and we also provide consultation services. With our solar power grid services, we help you with power generation, calculation, and efficient use of the stored energy. All of our solar products are well crafted and designed following the IS 2062:1992 & IS 4759 standards. We ensure on-time completion of all projects and periodic inspection and quality after-sales service.

Multiple Ways to make use of Solar Energy

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About Solglow

What helped us to become one of the top solar companies in Kochi?

What helped us to be one of the best solar companies in Kerala is our valued customers. We would have never made it to the top without our customers, who have placed their trust in us throughout the years. Our high-quality solar products that require minimum maintenances and offer less wear and tear, with the lowest installation cost in the market enabled us to reach the top. Understanding our customers is of vital importance because each client has different requirements and listening to our customers helps us to come with a plan that meets your needs. All our solar products are available throughout Kerala and we provide maintenance services all over Kerala.

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The Most Reliable and Budget-Friendly Solar Products

With over 10 years of premium products and unmatched customer services, at prices that are affordable. It is this long run of unparalleled services and quality products over these years allowed Solglow to be one of the best and the most trusted solar product companies in Ernakulam.

Solglow has got you covered in all areas, whether it be commercial or private, we have services that are handcrafted for everyone out there. What has helped us grow over the years is the trust that you have shown us, year after year, and also precisely listening to the feedback and also to the market needs and incorporating the latest standards. We have completed numerous projects all over Kerala from small-scale to industry level projects.

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Reputed Solar Pv Modules

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Inverter Brands We Are Using

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